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day program

Day Program

The Adaptive Community Support Services Day Program is an innovative program providing an individual driven environment and community-based services for individuals with a variety of abilities and support needs. The program will be offering Day services (FHIO, CHIO, FHG8 and CHG4) to individuals receiving FSW or CIH waiver services in Southern Indiana. Our initial program site is located near downtown Jeffersonville, IN. We are offering an enriching, productive day program that adapts to the individual’s specific goals and dreams.

Community and Facility Habilitation – Individuals are provided opportunities that will enhance their self-care, sensory-motor development, socialization, daily living skills, communication, community living and social skills. Community Habilitation can be provided in a small group or one-to-one setting in the individual’s community environment.

Behavior Services

Adaptive’s Behavior Services will consist of training, supervision, or assistance in appropriate expression of emotions and desires, compliance, assertiveness, acquisition of socially appropriate behaviors, and the reduction of inappropriate behaviors.

Adaptive’s Behavior Services provides comprehensive intervention that is data-based, able to be replicated, accountable and deals with socially valid behavior change. Examples of socially significant behaviors include communication, social skills, academics, adaptive living skills such as gross and fine motor skills and vocational skills. For children, teens and adults, services would be offered depending on the individuals need and severity of their diagnoses.

Adaptive’s Behavior

Behavior methods are used to support people with intellectual disabilities in several ways including, but not limited to:

  • To increase behaviors (e.g. reinforcement procedures increase on-task behavior, or social interactions)
  • To teach new skills (e.g., systematic instruction and reinforcement procedures teach functional life skills, communication skills, or social skills)
  • To maintain behaviors (e.g., teaching self-control and self-monitoring procedures to maintain and generalize job-related social skills)
  • To generalize or to transfer behavior from one situation or response to another (e.g., from completing assignments in the resource room to performing as well in the mainstream classroom)
  • To restrict or narrow conditions under which interfering behaviors occur (e.g., modifying the learning environment)
  • To reduce interfering behaviors (e.g., self-injury or stereotypy).

Home Based Services

day program


This service provides support to the unpaid caregiver of an individual to have temporary relief from the normal care provision. Adaptive will assist the individual with toileting and feeding, daily living skills, community access and activities, hygiene, and supervision.

Participant Assistance and Care

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)

PAC services allow individuals to remain and live successfully in their own homes, function and participate in their communities. PAC services provide support to the individual with daily living, self-care, mobility and hands-on assistance.


PA Services

Adaptive’s home care division can offer additional in-home benefits through Indiana Medicaid. These benefits are aimed more at personal care and safety in the home, rather than habilitation, and are supervised by Registered Nurses.

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