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How We Help

Educational Skills

Skills that will enhance current academic level.

Examples include: Letter recognition, site word building, reading, writing, math, computer program knowledge, keyboarding, internet use, blogging activities, science exploration, hands on activities, current events, etc.

Adaptive’s Behavior

Independent Living Skills

Skills that provide activities of daily living that enhance ability to manage own self-care and live independently.

Examples include: Food preparation, cleaning and household chores, grocery shopping, personal hygiene and grooming, home and community safety awareness, budgeting and banking, paying bills, use of public transportation and resources, personal health care, shopping, making doctor appointments, self-advocacy and more.

Social Integration Skills

Skills that provide for quality of life enhancement

Examples include: Fitness awareness, interactive conversations, tolerating frustration and exhibiting calming strategies, decision-making skills, making healthy and appropriate choices, using appropriate social etiquette, interpreting social cues, initiating and maintaining personal relationships, dealing with dating and sexuality, time management, etc.

Community Involvment Activities

Activities for building healthy relationships in the community and enjoying leisure time.

Examples include: Volunteer opportunities, bowling, arts and entertainment, exercise, exploration of the local community, relationship building with community members, etc.

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